I’ve been waiting for this moment for months! The big Winter Sales. This year I decided to plan well ahead. So I headed out weeks in advance with an idea of the things I wanted to get, and out to my favourite shops. I tried on the items of interest, took a picture of me wearing it and another one of the price. It would look something like this:

For the Big Day I will know exactly where to look, which size I need, I won’t have to try it on and just go straight to pay. Nice, huh?  And of course I’ve taken the day off from work, just to be sure to be the among the first ones to arrive.

The sales here in Spain are great. In most shops you have fantastic discounts, up to 70 %. If you are an early bird all the sizes are still available, and the things they are selling are not old things taken out from the warehouse but the things that a couple of days ago were still full price. I looove it!