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I celebrated my birthday very recently and we decided to do it big time. First by going to see a football game, FC Barcelona was playing of course. The stadium, Camp Nou, was full:

Afterwards we had decided to go for dinner. And not any dinner I might add, but at the oh-so-famous Botafumeiro. This is where all the famous people (Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Clinton, Messi, you name it) go to eat when they are in Barcelona:

Lucky for us they also have a bar, where you can eat all sorts of delicacies and not find yourself with an enormous hole in your pocket afterwards.

From: Minter Dialogue Blog

We had a yummy tuna salad, clams in a delicious cream, Galician style octopus and oysters. The tuna salad had a thick creamy vinagre that cought my attention. The Galician style octopus looks something like this:Basically it’s octopus with potatoes, paprika and onion. When this dish is good the octopus is so tender it falls into pieces when you put your teeth in it. At Botafumeiro I actually had the best pulpo I’ve ever eaten.

The service at the restaurant is impeccable. The waiters serving us were incredibly friendly, giving us suggestions, changing our plates between the dishes (in the Spanish way we shared all the dishes), constantly filling our glasses with cool wine and giving us a complimentary little dish for the clams that didn’t open.

We shared 4 dishes, had water and wine to drink and the final bill added up to 35 € each, which is not bad at all. It was a great experience and I hope to go there again, a big bonus is that it’s just up the street from where we live. They do speak English for those who don’t master the Spanish language. Seafood is their thing, so going there for a big steak might not be a good idea.

(Botafumeiro, C Gran de Gracia 81, 08012 Barcelona)