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A couple of days ago  I was strolling on calle Valencia and my attention was caught by a restaurant I hadn’t seen before – Cornelia & Co. The huge windows made it easy to have a peek inside, and after having a look I was certain that I would have to return.

It’s called the “Daily Picnic Store”, and it certainly was a picnic. A delightful picnic for the palate and the eye. Inspired by my New York favourite Dean & Deluca you just want to look, taste and touch everything. If you don’t feel like eating then and there you can opt for buying something delicious to take with you or have a look at the shelves that full of marmelades, rices, teas, spices, chutneys and all that is yummy.

Everything is beautifully presented, the service is nice and the food is not at all as expensive as one might expect from an architectual delighfulness like this. Every little detail was thought of, I loved the menu:

And the decor was beautiful, every little detail catches your attention.









We started with a goats cheese salad with a delicious sticky honey vinagre:

Continued with a steak and cherry tomatoes with herbs and lamb ribs with the most delicious little french fries you can imagine:








For dessert we had a chocolate and raspberry pie, the chocolate was perfect: creamy, not to dark and perfectly thick with a lovely crumb that falls into pieces when you put your fork in it.


Oh dear Cornelia, I will for sure be back. Next time we will try your delicious wines, your clams and your lemon meringue pie.

(Cornelia & Co, Calle Valencia 225, 08007 Barcelona)