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I adoooooore El Ganso. Was I clear enough there? I ADORE it. I love every little piece of clothing they have in their little shops, and I wish I had them all.

I found their shop in El Borne perhaps a year ago, and since then there has been several additions from their collections into my wardrobe.When a new collection arrives I am sure that it can´t be any better than the last one, but every time it surprises me.

El Ganso is clothes for the fans of a preppy style. The colours are dark blue, red, white and the patterns and cuts classic.

Here is the gentlemen´s lookbook for this season (click please):

So far I´ve bought 3 dresses, 1 long black coat, one long-sleeved shirt and one cardigan. There will be more, I am sure. Right now there is a lovely grey vest on my wishlist, let´s see what happens…

(El Ganso in Barcelona: Calle Ferrán 43-45 and Vidrieria 7)