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It’s calçots time! Calçots is a variety of a green onion and in late winter it is often roasted on a grill and then eaten with romesco sauce.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Usually calçots are eaten here in Catalonia in so called calçotadas, which implies an event where calçots are eaten in enormous quantities accompanied by wine or cava. Calçotadas usually take place on in a restaurant on the countryside, which can be complicated for people like me who don’t own a car. People ask me every now and then if I know any place in the city where you can have some calçots, and indeed I do.

A few days ago we were strolling on my favourite street, Dr Dou, and decided to have a Menu del Dia (cheap lunch menu that most Spanish restaurants offer) at L’Antic Forn, which was just around the corner.

We opted for something else than calçots, although it looked delicious. Their lasagna was great:

The restaurant is very old-timey and local, and has a very genuine Barcelona atmosphere. At lunch-time it’s very busy.

(L’Antic Forn, Calle Pintor Fortuny 28, 08001 Barcelona)