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Barcelona is the Mojito city. Bars are abundant in this city, and many, I say many, of them serve mojitos.

Since there are so many places where mojitos are on the coctail menu the quality also varies a lot. The worst I ever had was a mojito in a plastic cup, with the cheapest, most disgusting rum available and with brown, rotten mint leaves. The pre-mixed ones from plastic bottles are not a hit, either.

But then you have the perfect ones. Where the sugar is of the brown kind, where the mint leaves are fresh and tasty and smell wonderful and the rum is of the good kind.

(Source: Sheknows.com)

There are some legendary mojito places, when the rumour goes around about how cheap their mojitos are or how genuine or how many different varieties of mojitos are on the menu. To help us in the search there is a website, mojitop.com, that can help us to find the perfect mojito. The top mojito bars are listed, and at the moment 86 bars have been tested and tried. The blog has posts in both English and Spanish, but the top list is quite clear, with name of the bar, average points for the bars and of course the location.

The top 3 bars for mojitos are at the moment the following:

1. Polaroid in the Gótico

2. Plata Bar in Eixample

3. Lletraferit in Raval

I personally adore Lletraferit, their coctails are delicious. Their Piña Colada is out of this world: big, creamy and sweet. Their daiquiris are fantastic, always made with fresh fruit and just the right amount of ice. They have comfortable sofas in the back room if you are fast and come early, and books to read if your company is boring. It’s also open all day, which means you don’t have to feel bad if your mojito craving strikes at 2 P.M…

So, out for a mojito search! I’ll throw in a mojito recipe too, if you feel too lazy to go out. There are tons of recipes for mojitos out there, but I liked this one because it seems so very genuinly Cuban:


* Three fresh mint sprigs – the best sprigs are slightly ‘woody’ from old established plants rather that from the young plants where they are ‘greener’
* Two tablespoons of sugar – white cane sugar, or better yet some sugar cane
* One whole lime – lime is best but half a lemon will do
* Chilled soda water – it should be really cold, just above freezing point
* Ice cubes
* A shot of white silver dry rum – Havana Club Anjeo Blanco Silver Dry if you want some real authenticity but Bacardi Carta Blanca works well; however any white rum will do



Place two of the sprigs of mint into a tall glass using a spoon and lightly crush them around the inside of the glass; not too hard though, just enough to release the mint flavours.
Add the sugar and the juice of half a lime. Give it a quick stir and fill the glass with ice.

Next, add the shot of rum (remember the shots are often quite generous in Cuba) then fill to the top with soda water and stir.
Finally, take the last sprig of mint and roughly rip the leaves off, use them as a garnish with a slice of lime to top it off, sit back and enjoy.