When I was 16 I spent a couple of months in the US. My lovely host family took us for glamour shots (nothing to do with alcohol! Glamour shots are photos done in a studio with make-up and pretty hair), and I loved it. The woman who fixed our hair and make-up washed my hair with a lovely smelling schampoo and conditioner, she showed us the bottle and explained how great it was. The product was called Aussie.

10 years later I was in Boots in the UK, and I found the same Aussie bottles there! I could not believe my eyes, and I stocked up on a couple of bottles. I tried them at home and they were wonderful… They leave the hair so clean, smelling wonderful, and sooo soft. I buy them as soon as I get my hands on them, unfortunately not that often since they aren’t sold in Spain.

These are my favourite products:

The brilliant thing is also that the bottles last forever, so I don’t need to travel around the world all the time to get them..!