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Oh my God I can’t believe it! Forever 21 is going to open a store in Barcelona! I never thought this would happen, but here it is, the biggest news so far this year!

Last summer I spent a few days in Dubai, and was very excited when I found Forever 21 in one of the gigantic malls in the UAE. I literally spent hours there, trying on everything I could get my hands on, and ended up with lots of things but not spending much at all. After wearing the stuff for more than half a year everything is still in good condition, so it seems the quality is fine too!

Forever 21 carries a lot of different styles, so there is something for everyone. They have lots of cool accessories, too. Here is a little something to look at while we are waiting for the store to open:



The store will open in March in the Maquinista mall here in Barcelona, and it will be the first store in Spain. I think I will write them a Thank You-card for choosing Barcelona first..! Maquinista is slightly outside the city center, so you will have to take a 20 minute metro ride and walk a little bit unless you have a car.