On Saturday I decided to do A picture per hour, not doing anything fantastically interesting. Here is the result.

11:00:  Breakfast in the sofa, looking out at the sun:

12:00 : Showering and getting ready. My best friends right now: Body Shops Tea Tree Face Wash and a little tan…

13:00 : Ready to go! I chose patriotic colors.

14:00 : Shopping vinyls in a little disc shop close to our apartment.

15:00 : Having tapas for lunch in a place in Gracia, very nice!

16:00 : Visiting Paul’s, a wonderful little French boulangerie. Yummy.

17:00 : Nice cup of tea in a mug from Dean and Deluca, a couple of magazines and pieces of deliciousness from Paul’s.

18:00 Siesta-time. Yes, the siesta is live and well in Spain..!

19:00 : Time to get ready to go out! Spotify is great for getting in a party mood.

20:00 :On location at PimPamBurger. Easily the best hamburgers in Barcelona.

21:00 : At La Fianna, they have some killer mojitos!

22:00 :At another little bar to have a peek at the football game going on, and enjoying a strawberry daiquiri. Delicious.

23:00 :Time to say goodbye, when the disco lights are turned on.