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I am planning next month to be a No-Shopping February. So had to take the opportunity to go shopping today since it’s still January!

I had managed to forget that we have a Lush in Barcelona! But it’s so well hidden that it took me 3 1/2 years to find it.

Lush are handmade cosmetics without any animal testing, using organic ingredients. No or very little preservatives and packaging are being used, and on every little bottle there is a sticker with the  person who put the product together. Their products smell wonderful, they have cool names and it’s all so lovely!

I went to their shop in La Illa to have a quick look, and it was party time in there. They were preparing Valentine’s Day and had dressed up as frogs (!), served punch and candy and the nicest cake, yummy… On top of this they were just throwing things at me to take home, I bought a couple of things but got lots of things for free, too. This is everything I got:

Reanimator shampoo for damaged hair and Spa conditioner to make the hair three times as strong!

These two little bags have two bath bombs inside of them, one called La Mora that is super-relaxing and supposed to make you a little extra happy, too! The other one is called Big Blue that is calming and refreshing. This is what they look like:

(Source: Lush homepage)

In addition to this I got some  free, extra bath bombs:

The lovely, apple smelling So White and Cinders for winter soothing.

And, that was not all! I got all this for free, too..!

Tester of Volcano foot mask, Black Stockings body tint, Lovely Jubblies breast firming lotion (wow!), and Jardin de Rosas soap.

I’m a lucky girl, and I will be busy this weekend testing it all!