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I wrote about Lush the other day, and I took the opportunity to try some of the products I bought and the samples I was given. My hair is a bit complicated, it’s very dry from all the sun, sea and salt, so it´s very difficult to find a good product. I like my Aussie products that I wrote about before, but I have been using them for a long time and needed a change.I am very critical towards hair products, they promise a lot but don’t really deliver. BUT, I think I found the perfect stuff..!

I tried the shampoo and conditioner from Lush the other day. When I was washing my hair I was a little disappointed, because my hair didn’t feel much different at all. But once it was drying, I was amazed. My hair had lots of volume, but at the same time it was really glossy. And it doesn’t tangle! This is the best stuff I’ve tried in a long time, perhaps ever. I think I might write Lush a greeting card..!

Here is Reanimator, the shampoo:

And this is the conditioner:

I also tried So White bath bomb, it smelled great but it didn’t make any bubbles… Which I really need in my bath! But it left the skin really smooth, so a big plus for that. I also tried the Volcano foot mask, which was cool but I’m not a big foot skin care kind of girl. The Lovely Jubblies cream was great, smells delicious and goes a loooong way, you need just a little tiny drop of it.