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It is time! Docs Barcelona has started! A documentary film festival that brings documentaries from all over the world to Barcelona.

The fantastic news for me is that they again have a Finnish documentary in the programme. Last year it was “Freetime Machos” (which is brilliant, see it if you can!), and this year it’s time for Steam of Life: a documentary about what men talk about in the sauna. There will be nudity, you have been warned…

Other interesting documentaries are You don’t like the truth. 4 days in Guantanamo, a documentary based on security camera footage in Guantanamo prison:

Living without Money about a woman who has lived 14 years without money (!)

Enemies of the people that is one of the most harrowing documentaries about Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime:

Immersion: a documentary about a computer-animated programme that helps Iraq army veterans to overcome their traumas:

Windows: A documentary from 1975 that takes a closer look at 37 people that during the course of a year fell or jumped out of a window.

(Source: DocsBarcelona webpage)

These are just a few examples, the ones I find the most interesting, but of course there are many, many more. Have a look at the DocsBarcelona webpage! The great thing is that if you are lucky the director might also be present for a Q&A session afterwards.

(Docs Barcelona, 1-6 February 2011)