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The Swedish magazine Allt i Hemmet guides us through the Scandinavian trends for 2011:

1. The Hideaway – a style that reflects cosiness, a place to hide away from the routines. Dark wood and soft pillows.

2. Science. Posters and pictures that remind us of school.

3. Art. To remind us that we have a creative side. Things that inspire us to create.

4. Back to the kitchen. The kitchen should have a lot of space for us to enjoy each others company. We make food together.

5. Luxury and high tech. This is quite the opposite from the rustic feeling above.Things should look expensive, although they might not be.

6. Industrial. The shabby chic is still hot, but now with an industrial touch. Simple things, but with a raw, rugged look.

7. Nature is in focus, and lakes. The exotic of the things close by.

8. Country Style Raw. Unfinished wood, barn-style, but with a touch of luxurious ski lodge.

9. Brocante chic. The new french-influenced style, vintage but with an air of French lofts. Pastels, lace and roses mixed with rough textures.

10. The library. A trend that derives from a longing for thoughfulness.


11. Fox furs

12. Finland (woohoo!)

13. Blue furniture

14. Red cats

15. Pharmacies

16. Intellectual Paris

17. Dark wooden floors

18. Yellow accessories

19. Multiple homes

20. Crochéd plastic rugs

This is what the Swedish predict for 2011. Looks great!