On Friday I had a day off, and it was great.

The sun was shining (the building next door is a church: a lovely and silent neighbour) :

I started with a breakfast with strawberries and yoghurt, while listening to Bossa Nova. A great way to start the day:

I read my favourite gossip magazine:

I had some shopping to do, so I took the bus to El Corte Ingles. There I found a little bit of everything, here some jamón:

And some chorizo and llonganissa and fuet and what not, all Spanish sausages:

I stopped at the cheese counter too, for my favourite mango & orange cheese, smelly cabrales ( my Soulman loves cabrales, it’s a blue very smelly crumbly Spanish cheese) and a couple of other yummy ones:

After that it was time for lunch. The weather was so great I decided to walk down to the restaurant where I was meeting my friend. Apparently it was 22 degrees, but I have my doubts…

I walked past lots of beautiful buildings:

I met my friend to a Thai restaurant:

We had delicious food, I tried sticky rice with mango and coconut milk for the first time, incredibly good..!

Then it was time to go home, and I bought my favourite flowers along the way:

I love my days off!