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This pretty restaurant on a little square in Gracia is brilliant for delicious French cuisine.

Even the staff speaks French (but other languages too, don’t worry!). The restaurant is always full, so do book a table in advance. If you get a table by the front door you will see at least 20 people being turned town during your stay, it is a very popular place. And it is understandable.

The walls are filled with Parisian images:

The restaurant has an extensive menu, but I have usually opted for the lunch menu which is very affordable. From the starters I suggest the crepes, usually filled with cheese and ham (OMG! I had written jam and I didn’t even notice! I am slowly but surely becoming Spanish..!) or cheese and mushrooms. The cheese is so tasty and makes you wish it would last forever.

They also have salads and shrimps and other options to start with. But save some space for the main courses! I love the meat courses, the accompanying sauces are very good. And you can always choose from several different options as side dish. The rabbit is VERY good, and so is the duck in oporto sauce. I chose this, and the meat was very juicy and tasty:

Rabbit in mustard sauce (it’s just a leg, don’t let your imagination carry you away!):

The desserts are fabulous. They consist mainly of home-made cakes, and all of them are worth a try. If you sit close to the glass cupboard where the cakes are located you will not be able to keep your eyes off them. My absolute favourite is the strawberry cake with vanilla cream, but this one is unfortunately seasonal. The white chocolate brownie is recommendable too, and the lemon pie, both of which you can see below:

An added bonus: if you decide to have an after dinner drink, a Baileys for example, it comes in a HUGE glass..! And they take restaurant tickets, which is great!

(Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre de 1868 15, 08012 Barcelona)