(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Apartment Therapy had some great tips for the bedroom, and I realize that I really need to do something about ours..!

1. Take the TV out. Easy, we don’t have one in the bedroom. Sometimes I really wish we had a nice little flat screen, but then that really would take out all the romance…

2. Put away the clothes, make the bed in the morning and keep your nightstands clutter free. Hmm, this one is complicated, because there is someone lying in it when I leave… And that certain someone prefers to have it nice and dark, so I can’t organize much, either. Well, I’ll think about that one.

3. Break out the scents. The bedroom is a perfect place for room scents, scented candles and even soaps between the sheets in the closet. I have a lavender-scented candle, lavender is supposed to have a relaxing effect, and I have to agree. L’Occitane also has pillow scent which is nice, and it’s supposed to relax you to the max.

4. Put a glass of water by your bed. Check (although we have a whole bottle.) This to keep you from having to get up in the middle of the night when you are thirsty and then struggling with falling asleep again.

5. Think quality not quantity. When it comes to sheets you should invest in good quality ones, that will last for a long time and that are soft and nice to the skin. I have to admit that ours are all from IKEA…

6.Consider a fan. We sleep better when it’s cooler, apparently. In the summer I could not live without a fan, but try to find a silent one..!

7. Turn off the heat at night. Easy, we don’t have central heating. In winter we sleep with two duvets, and if accidentally a body part finds its way outside it’s a block of ice within minutes. That’s Barcelona winter (and isolation!) for you..!

8. Make sure you have enough pillows. Two per person is recommended, but if you have a small bed that can get a little crowded. I prefer one each, and an extra one for reading if necessary. But I do like all that fluffness…

9. Check your bedroom’s lighting. The suggestion is one overhead light and one or two bedside ones to adjust according to the needs. I find this very useful.

10. Change your art. What you see first thing in the morning is quite important, so your artwork in the bedroom should be pretty nice! We don’t have anything, and I am desperately looking for something. Some beautiful landscape would be nice, since we don’t have any windows in our bedroom.

11. Bring some of your weekly flowers in here. Now this one might get complicated. If I lived next to a flower shop, yes. If I passed by one every day on my way back from work, yes. But I don’t… But I have to say that it is a wonderful idea!

12. Consider a rug. Yes, I like this one. I’ve looked at lots of nice and fluffy rugs, and I imagine the feeling of stepping on something nice like that in the morning or before going to bed.


(Source: Apartment Therapy)