It’s been a beautiful Sunday! Last night we went to see some football, Barça-Getafe. A video tribute was made for Abidal, one of the FC Barcelona players who is hospitalized after a liver tumour surgery, and at minute 22 (Adibal’s number) everyone started applauding, it was quite touching. Camp Nou was full of people:


This morning I for once didn’t wake up at 8 as usual on the weekends, but slept until after 10 and woke up superenergetic. With so much energy in fact that I decided to take out all the clothes from the wardrobe, clean it, put away all the winter clothes and take out the summer ones.

I am looking so much forward to wearing my skirts and my dresses..!


Then we went out for lunch to Cerveceria Catalana, which was a very positive surprise! The place was packed already at 13.30 when we came, and we sat down at the bar to wait until we got a table 15 minutes later. The tapas were fantastic, and not very expensive at all. We had patatas bravas (delicious!), pan con tomate, pescadito, navajas, and gambas:

And then some fantastic desserts, I had a lovely dessert with strawberries and cream.

After that it was siesta time – my favourite Sunday pastime. We fell asleep to Billie Holiday, I adore her…

Oh, and after that I decided to remove the curtains! We need more sun in our lives!

And to finalize the evening we rented a movie, very funny (and apparently a true story!).

(Source: IMDB)