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I am looking so much forward to this spring and summer. I can’t remember having looked forward to it so much ever! But maybe it’s like this every year…

These are among the things I am excited about:

Travels. Paris, Porto (we won a trip! I never win anything!) and a yet unknown destination this summer (although I have a big big wish). We haven’t been anywhere in a long time, and I enjoy very much traveling with my Soul Man.

Sonar Dia. A music festival in June here in Barcelona, I attended for the first time last year. There is a night and a day set, and I really enjoy the day one. Beautiful sunny weather, music, lots of fun. And don’t forget the earplugs!

Summer nights. I can’t wait for the hot summer nights, when you walk home late at night and it’s still warm. And the sleepless nights of course, since we don’t use our aircon…

Visits. I am expecting a visitor this spring! When I have visits it feels like I am a tourist here in Barcelona. I enjoy a lot. Taking it easy, walking slowly, watching things with new eyes.

Days and nights at the beach. My favourite beaches are in Coma-Ruga in Tarragona, small and quiet beaches with little restaurants and even one little beach bar. I want to spend lots of weekends there, getting tanned, swim and read chick-lit books.

A drink on a hotel roof terrace. Maybe even in the middle of the day, after lunch on a Saturday. Sitting on a roof terrace somewhere, looking over the city, and feeling as if it was summer forever.

Open-air concerts. Wonderful..! One of my favourites from last year was Kings of Convenience in Poble Espanyol.

So summer, come already!