Sometimes I get asked what Spanish tv is like. Well, it could be better, but on the other hand I get a lot more other things done instead of watching tv. When I came I didn’t understand a thing they said on tv so skipped it, but by now I do understand more or less everything. But still I’m not too inspired…

Spain dubs all the imported movies and series, so I just prefer not to watch imported things. Not so much for the language, but I think a lot is lost if you don’t hear how the actor said what in the original version. Also the dubbings are quite exaggerated and it gets a little annoying after a while. So I stick to the Spanish stuff.

Some things I really don’t like, for example the talk shows. They have them on every day, in almost all the channels, and the people invited are always fighting and screaming their heads off and talking at the same time, and it’s always the same guests. I really can’t stand it. But this doesn’t mean I watch high quality documentaries, either..! I do miss good documentaries I have to say, with subtitles.

Anyway, the “high-quality” things I watch on TV are the following:

Españoles en el mundo: This is great, about Spanish people living in different parts of the world, telling us how they have adapted, the beautiful places in their new home country and funny anecdotes about their new life. It’s always focused on a particular city or country.

Callejeros Viajeros: This is quite similar to the programme above, Spanish people living abroad. Sometimes they have specials, like luxury resorts or animals around the world. Maybe these kinds of programmes appeal to me so much because I am an ex-pat myself.

Hermano Mayor: Translated this means “Older brother” and it’s quite entertaining. It’s an ex water-polo player who was using drugs and living a crazy life, but got out of it and now he is taking on troubled teens. And they are troubled, I tell you… They are screaming to their parents, locking them up in rooms, hitting and kicking them, destroying things around the house and of course neither working or studying. The Hermano Mayor talks to them, puts them to tests, and usually makes them think and even reconcile with their parents.

Hijos de Papa: A reality show about very rich and spoiled teens who are taken out to work on a farm. They were told that they would go on a luxury vacation, and they are of course furious. It’s funny and sometimes just unbelievable to see how spoilt they are.

Gran Hermano: Yes, I am ashamed to say that I am hooked on Big Brother..! In Finland this reality was rather harmless, but here in Spain it’s not quite like that… I could not believe my eyes. There is always lots of fighting and drama, people enter the house with a couple but leaves with someone else… And I have learned all my range of Spanish swear words in Gran Hermano too, which is very handy, and how to say it them in many different accents, too.

El Hormiguero: This show is on every weeknight and is hosted by a funny man called Pablo Motos. He has a famous guest every night and he has a brilliant team of funny people cooking, showing crazy things you can buy on tv, inventions and what not. It’s fun, harmless and very entertaining!