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Yesterday was busy busy! Being my usual annoying self I woke up at 8 in the morning and of course woke up my poor  Soul Man too. So we decided to go to the gym which was a great idea, because there was nobody there at such an early hour. After doing some workout we went to their sun terrace to have some sun. The weather in Barcelona is fabulous, 27 degrees they say… I’m not complaining.

After the gym we did some obligatory food-shopping, and had some lunch. Followed by the equally obligatory siesta, of course! After the siesta things started happening. I was invited to a swop shop at a friend I haven’t seen for a long time. On my way there through my neighbourhood Gracia I saw some beautiful street art:

The neighbourhood is full of colours and pretty little houses:

When I arrived there was betting going on, my friend is British and she and her friends had arranged for us to watch the Grand National horse race (it’s the one where all the ladies dress up in beautiful hats) and bet on three horses each. So we did and it was very exciting, we were watching the race on two screens:

And we had all sorts of yummy things to eat; a carrot cake, a chocolate cake, strawberries, muffins, chocolate, cheese, Pim’s to drink. Here the race is very exciting:

When the race was over we did some swopping. Everyone had brought things that they didn’t need anymore and were ready to swop for something else. I brought a book, two scarves, a necklace and bracelet and a pair of shoes. I swopped them for two books, and they look perfect for beach reading:

In one of them the text is REALLY LARGE (a criteria for beach books):

After the swop I had to hurry back home, get changed and go to Camp Nou to watch the Barça game. It was the second time this week already, on Wednesday we were watching the Champions League game. Anyway, Camp Nou was full of people:

Barça won 3-1 and to celebrate it we went to El Filete Ruso and had some fantastic hamburgers and patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy sauce and mayonnaise). The place was packed:

After that we went to The Best Bar in the World (at least in my opinion). You go in through a tiny little door on Calle Valencia, and you come in to a cute little place playing soul music, old pictures on the walls, antique furniture and where you can have your palm read if needed.