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I promised some Paris posts, we’ll start with day 1! We came to Paris in the afternoon, and to our lovely little hotel close to Arc de Triomphe. We headed out and had a look at the Arch, here I am, hello hello:

It was surrounded by beautiful houses and their gardens:

And Champs-Elysees was really close by:

We had a walk along it and got an even more impressive view of the Arc:

And we saw this beauty from afar:

And everything was so big and pretty and impressive:

Then we saw this piece of glass and it reminded me of The Da Vinci Code:

And that was just an afternoon.


En liten försmak av vad Paris hade att erbjuda, allt var så stort och pampigt och fint. Vi såg Arc de Triomphe som vi bodde bredvid, Champs Elysee, Louvre och så fastnade jag också på en bild konstigt nog, vet inte hur det hände!