So, I could not wait anymore. I had to go and have a look for myself and see if Forever 21 is anything like the one I’ve seen. And yes it was! It was very, very big, there were lots of different styles of clothes, and everything is very affordable. I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to try or buy anything, but I will definitely go back in a near future. A few of the interesting things I saw were a pair of blue sporty shorts for 6,50 €, and a pair of very nice looking nude heels for 16 €.

For those who don’t know how to get there: Take the red line to Torras i Bages (direction Fondo). Go out (follow the La Maquinista sign), walk straight forward, take the first street to the left and walk straight until you come to a bridge, cross it and there you see the big shopping centre called La Maquinista. Forever 21 is on street level.


Jag kunde ju inte hålla mig en sekund längre, idag tog jag metron (röda linjen till Torras i Bages) till La Maquinista för att kolla in Forever 21. Och det var precis som jag tänkte mig, jättestort, billigt, snyggt och med något för alla smaker. Tyvärr hade jag bråttom och hann inte prova eller köpa nåt, men jag tänker återvända mycket snart!