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Yesterday I went to Madrid, there and back in one day because I had to fix my passport. It was great! The passport fixing part not so much, but Madrid was wonderful.

I took the AVE (high-velocity train) and the views from my window were gorgeous:

The embassy had a huge, beautiful picture from Finland:

When I stepped out from the embassy there was a nice exhibition on art from the MNAC museum in Barcelona in the park. It was pretty great. These two are made by Ramon Casas, a great Modernist artist:

And Dalí who did a portrait of his father. Look at his eyes… They didn’t have a very good relationship:

A beautiful woman from Granada:

I also saw the biggest flag ever:

Madrid is so green:

And the buildings are huge:

They had some street art, too:

And this amazing house with a trompe d’euil:

I saw the tents at Plaza del Sol, young Spanish people who are upset with the government:

The city is full of little cute shops and restaurants, here a cupcake shop:

There are lots of beautiful houses and streets:

I had lunch in a place called Divina, and it all looked like this, and tasted even better:

I did some shopping in a lovely shop called Kling, filled with gorgeous dresses and delicious vintage:

And I got a cute bag to put my shopping in:

And I found this little shop, also filled with pretty tops and dresses. It’s called Dolores Promesas:

And then it was already time to go home! But I will be back. Soon!


Jag var en sväng till Madrid igår, och oj så roligt jag hade! Madrid är ju så fint, så stort, så grönt. Många fina små gator, restauranger, caféer, affärer… Till och med en konstutställning mitt i en park!