I realize I didn’t really do a lot of posting about Paris. So I will do one now, a little quickie.

In Paris you can drink your rosé with ice. And it is yummy.

And you can eat delicious cheeses, with the best bread:

And you can have paté with salt and black pepper. Oh, and fig marmalade. Yum.

In Paris you can also look at pretty houses:

You can look at cute street art:

You can take the metro:

You can have strawberry soup and look at your Soul Man’s hand:

You can wish you had a French car:

You can look at Notre Dame from afar:

Or you can have a fantastic breakfast buffet at your gorgeous hotel:

And now I really want to go again…


Jag  kom på att jag ju knappt har skrivit någonting alls om Paris! Så nu har jag skrivit om lite ett och annat man kan göra i Paris! Som att se på Notre Dame lite lagom långt ifrån. Eller äta ostar och paté med världens smaskigaste bröd. Eller beundra alla fina söta små franska bilar.