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When I did my little visit to Madrid I had one particular shop in mind to visit before my train left. It was the brand Kling that I’ve seen mentioned a lot in Spanish fashion magazines. And did I find it…

In Madrid they have a shop situated in Calle Fuencarral, a great pedestrian street that’s very good for shopping. The shop is divided into three parts, of which one is Kling Kitchen, that is dedicated to wonderful things vintage. I spend at least an hour in these little shops, trying on about everything they had. This was what I brought home with me:

The picture on the top is the cutest and the strangest thing I’ve seen:

Oh, and here is the bag of course:

And now to the fantastic news: Kling has opened a shop in Barcelona, too! It’s located in Calle Banys Nous and it’s just as lovely. Here a picture from their webpage:


Inför min Madridresa hade jag i planerna att besöka fina lilla butiken Kling, och det gjorde jag minsann! Jag var där i minst en timme och provade nästan allt som fanns. Resultatet ser ni i fotona ovan. Allra mest gillade jag Kling Kitchen, som är bara fina vintageklänningar, väskor och skor.

Det finfina i det hela är att dom har öppnat en liten filial här i Barcelona också. Jag bekantade mig med den häromdan och den var hur bra som helst, det blir definitivt ett återbesök inom kort!