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I take about a million pictures and some are just left in the computer and they never get out for anyone to see. I feel bad for them, so I’ve decided to put some of them here.

A couple of pictures from Sonar, where we had lots of fun:

Without doubt the best delivery pizzas in Barcelona, you can choose from about 30 different kinds, they are cheap and they have the thinnest crust which I love. I recommend the 4 cheeses one:

Street art in Paris:

I visited COS a while ago, and I was pleasantly surprised. The first couple of times I was there I found nothing, now there were lots of things I liked. I ended up with an orange top that I like very much. COS is a sister chain to H&M, with very clean-cut clothes and nice colours:

We visited the oddest little bar with the quirkiest little terrace all painted in blue. It’s located in Gracia and I believe it’s called Taxi:

And I was walking around in Raval and found this little spooky street:

And that is it for now!


Jag tar omkring en miljon foton i veckan (åtminstone känns det så), och ibland tycker jag att det är lite ledsamt att dom bara ligger där i datorn och inte får komma ut och vädras. Så här är några exempel.