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One of the main topics in my head right now is New York. In a few weeks, if everything goes well (I am very sceptic after our Paris trip was cancelled last year), we will be there and doing lots of fun stuff. These are the things on my mind at the moment:

Ace Hotel. This is the hotel we are staying in. It looks very cool, I can’t wait to see it!

The rooms are all decorated differently:

I want to have a picnic in Central Park (cliché I know, but isn’t that what New York is all about?):

(Source: NY Times)

Talking about picnics in Central Park there is an excellent guide in New York Times for places to buy food and drinks. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the park, but in the article they put it like this, which I found very funny:

Bobolink’s neighbors can supply you with fruit and dessert, and then, since alcohol is not allowed in the park, be sure not to stop by 67 Wine and Spirits for a bottle of shiraz to go with the cheddar. If it’s Sunday, there’s a Greenmarket at 77th and Columbus, near Nancy’s Wines for Foods, another perfect spot not to pick up a bottle.

The rest of the article you can find here.

Then of course I wouls like to visit a rooftop bar. Maybe this one for example?

This is the 230 Fifth Rooftop Garden, where I am sure I could have a nice coctail and look at the views…

The shop that is number one on my list to visit is Strand Bookstore, a huge, enormous, gigantic second hand bookstore (they also have new ones).

And of course, since I am travelling with my darling Soul Man, I will see the inside of countless record shops:

I am also very curious about the High Line, a former rail road that crosses a part of Manhattan. It has been turned into a gorgeous park with all sorts of activities, restaurants and bars.

(Source: High Line website)

And then we will have to have some brunch of course:

(Source: New York Social Diary)

I might have to do some shopping, for example in Kiehl’s:

Or Anthropologie:

(Source: NY Times)

Perhaps we will also watch the sunset from this lovely place in Brooklyn:

(Source: Brooklyn Vegan)

And a million other things, how will we have time to do everything?


New York är att jag har på hjärnan just nu. Ovan är en liten lista på allt jag skulle vilja göra..!