If you’re planning on having a nice evening with your Mr (/Miss? ) Right this is what you might want to consider eating.

1. Olives. Black Kalamatas for my Soul Man, green garlicky ones for me.

2. A Rioja. The kindest of wines.

3. Mussels in sauce. I am an addict.

4. Cockles in lemon juice and a little bit of black pepper sprinkled on them.

5. Paté. A creamy one with 4 peppers.

6. Jamón. Need I say more?

7. The softest bread you can imagine from the bakery next door.

8.  The loveliest, smelliest French cheese.And this is what you get:

A perfect evening!


Det här är ett perfect recept för en lyckad fredagkväll. Mums!