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So, I already did a post on the shopping we did, but of course we did other things than that, too.

The first few days we did a little sightseeing. We saw Times Square for example, where there were lots of people of lights and blinking ads and also a few yellow cabs:

We passed by the New York Public Library which I thought was really beautiful:

And we walked to Radio City Music Hall where I remembered that I have a far-far-away relative who helped building it. Like a hundred years ago or so.

And Rockefeller Center was impressive too. No ice skaters though.

We sat in a pretty little park close to Brooklyn Bridge because they had wi-fi:

We thought all the tall buildings were pretty amazing:

We found Wall Street:

And then you kind of can’t avoid New York Stock Exchange:

Then you innocently try to take a picture and find my face all over it:

(Source: Soul Man)

We had breakfast in a bakery called Takahachi Bakery in TriBeCa, and it was full with all things delicious:

We found a cool shop in Soho called Kiosk, but you had to walk up some stairs covered in graffiti:

In the little shop they had useful stuff from all over the world, and lots of Finnish things too! Like a thermos, and Moomin books.

(Source: Soul Man)

We had a drink in cool Balthazar:

(Source: Soul Man)

Some building sites were covered with the green walking man from all over the world, even Barcelona was included.

(Source: Soul Man)

We went up to Top of The Rock thanks to the good advice of a lovely New York friend:

(Source: Soul Man)

And we went inside Grand Central Station where I wanted to catch the train to Poughkeepsie. I always wanted to do that after I saw an episode of Friends where Ross fell asleep in the train and ended up in Poughkeepsie. The name sounds so funny.

Our hotel was the coolest thing, and the room had lots of little details I loved:

We walked over Brooklyn Bridge too, or actually we kind of ran. Everyone else were so slow and I think we turned it into a little competition.

From Brooklyn we had some really nice views of Manhattan. In Brooklyn a very nice lady started talking to us, and she had the exact same wonderful accent that Steve Brady’s mum has in Sex and The City (Miranda’s mother in law).

I think that is it for now, I will make one more post like this soon, and after that I won’t bother you with any New York stories anymore, I promise!


Lite foton på vad vi egentligen sysslade med där borta på vår resa. Vi gjorde ju lite sightseeing faktiskt. Vi började på stort med Times Square där det var himlans mycket människor och ljus och gula taxibilar. Vi såg Radio City Music Hall där jag förnimmer mig att en släkting till mig för hur många år som helst sen hjälpte till att bygga skyskrapan. Vi såg fina New York Public Library och Wall Street och där hamnade jag själv plötsligt på en bild. Vi såg pampiga Rockefeller Center och vi åt frukost i Takahachi Bakery i TriBeCa, där hade dom så mycket godsaker att man nästan skulle ha kunnat bosätta sig där.

Vi tog en liten drink i fina franska restaurangen Balthazar och såg utsikten över Manhattan från Top of the Rock och gick förstås också över Brooklyn Bridge. På andra sidan pratade vid med en underbar Brookyntant som pratade precis med samma accent som Steve Bradys mamma, ni vet Miranda Hobbes svärmor i Sex and the City. Hotellet var så himlans trevligt med små coola detaljer och allt det här var ungefär en pytteliten tjugondedel av allt vi gjorde. Ska göra ett till New York-inlägg snart, men sen får det vara nog så ni inte tröttnar!