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I am hooked. On How I Met Your Mother. I am counting the minutes until my Soul Man comes home so we can watch an episode or ten. It is so addictive!

Basically the story is about Ted Mosby, who is looking for the love of his life. Apparently he found it, because he is telling his children how it all happened, 20 years later. But before that we meet date after date after girlfriend after fiancé, and it seems that none of them are the one! But every now and then you get a hint of who it might be, and you just can’t stop watching. And the other caracters are wonderful: it’s Lily and Marshall, a wonderful and crazy couple, it’s Robin who is Canadian and very quirky, and the coolest of them all, Barney, who is an incredible womanizer and who has the strangest job (you never find out really what he is doing). We’re watching season four now so no spoilers please! It’s such a nice feeling to know that I still have at least 2 1/2 seasons left..!


Jag är helt beroende av How I Met Your Mother. Efter jobbet sitter jag och väntar på att min Soul Man ska komma hem så att vi kan se på ett avsnitt eller tio. Vi är nu på säsong fyra, och det känns så väldigt trevligt att veta att vi fortfarande har minst 2 1/2 säsong kvar av härligheten!