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For Saturday we had lots of plans. I started it off by trying a sample I got from Lush, a shampoo called Patriarca in Spanish. It was nice, but considering it was purple and my hair is blonde I felt a little funny about it:

But I survived and we had breakfast and headed out for Gonzalo Comella on Diagonal, because I had spotted they had a sale with 70% off, and who wouldn’t be curious?

(It is, indeed, my Soul Man who can be found in the picture).

I didn’t find anything so we headed for lunch instead. We ended up in Federal Café which is so great that I don’t even know where to begin. But more of that in another post. We felt like we were in a cool café in Berlin:

Then it was time to look at some records, so we headed for Discos Revolver where it looks like this:

After that it was time to head home. At night my Soul Man headed to his friends house to watch football, but I stayed at home. I popped out for some food and the streets were empty, but you could hear the football from open windows everywhere:

I also popped in to COS to see if they had anything interesting:

But then I was already so hungry I headed back home. And when my Soul Man isn’t present I usually go for this:

And that was a Saturday in a nutshell! (I also watched the movie The Help. I can recommend it).


Lördagen var full med planer. Lite shopping (fast jag köpte ingenting alls) och sedan lunch på Café Federal som är mycket trevligt, men det ska jag skriva om lite mer i ett annat inlägg. Sedan var det dags att se på lite skivor, och en liten siesta hann vi också med. På kvällen var det dags för fotboll, men jag föredrog att stanna hemma med min sushi och se på film. Det var den finfina dagen!