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…does not stay in Finland, I can tell you that. I took a few pictures, and below you can see the result. Finland is all about nature, so I took a lot of pictures in the forest and of all the flowers I found. I was quite amazed of how many flowers I found, considering that winter is coming.

The trees are pretty and yellow and red:

And when looking at the trees up close they looked like this:

And this:

I came prepared of course:

Surprisingly enough, the sun was shining:

I even felt like having a look in the forest, the birch trees are so beautiful:

I didn’t find only birch trees, I found a fairy tale forest too:

Here is the road to nowhere:

And that’s a little bit of what I saw when I was away! Love Finland in the autumn.


Tog ju lite foton också i Finland, det är så fint när det är höst..!