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Let’s look at what has been going on lately. This seems to be the peak time for everything, and traveling all over the place hasn’t helped taking it easy and relaxing at all. Anyway, this is what I have been up to:

This photo is from Fira del Disc that me and my Soul man visited two weeks ago I believe it was. We were record hunting, and found quite a few nice ones to take home.

The above is from El Prat, the airport in Barcelona. I would prefer not to see it for a while now to be honest. It’s quite nice looking though, new and blue.

I found myself standing next to a drinking fountain. And I was wearing a new green skirt from Anthropologie, here you can see it up close:

That same day I had a wonderful lunch, I had this for example:

And we were here (La Clara that I wrote about a while ago):

And except for lunching I also had time to buy a pair of shoes:

And that was a little bit on what has been happening lately!


Mina senaste två veckor i några bilder, vi har varit på skivmässa, jag har stått bredvid en fontän, vi har ätit smultron och grädde och jag har köpt ett par skor!