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So, it’s already Wednesday! Half of the work week is already behind us.

It’s been a little bit rainy lately, and it seems that it will stay like that for the rest of the week. So I decided to use my lunch break to get out in the sun a little bit, while it still last. And it so happens that I ran into some beautiful scenery:

And I come prepared for the cold and rainy weather. Today I bought three different kinds of teas, and I have the bathroom shelves filled with Lush bath bombs. Bring it on!


Det ska bli kallt och regnigt hela resten av veckan, och kylan kryper redan inpå oss. Men jag är förberedd! Filten är uppackad bland vinterkläderna, tre sorters te har jag köpt idag och badskum för varma bad. Låt hösten komma!