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I passed by Lush in La Illa the other day to buy some birthday gifts. Lovely Martha showed me all the Christmas specials, and I just thought I would faint then and there! It’s unbelievable how delicious the soaps and creams smell, they have caught Christmas and put it in a solid (and liquid) form! I really urge you to go and have a look, because you will fall in love and you will definitely not leave empty-handed. Here is some of the deliciousness they have as Christmas specials (I wish I could transmit the wonderful smells!):

This is the Gingerbread House, a bath bubble thingy that smells of ginger and spice and all things Christmas.

A reusable bubble bar called Magic Wand that smells so sweet and fruity!

Snow Fairy is a shower gel that smells like the Magic Wand above, I wish I had this one..!

Candy Cane is a soap that smells just as it sounds, its pepperminty and you just want to eat it.

Glögg is a shower cream that smells of mulled wine… I love it!

The soap above is Northern Lights, and this one touched a soft spot… Coming from Finland I’ve seen northern lights lots of times, and I miss it a lot.

Go and have a look, you will definitely find something for you! And the people working there are always so nice and helpful!


För ett par dagar sedan besökte jag Lush i La Illa för att köpa en födelsedagspresent, och den mycket trevliga tjejen visade alla underbarheter de har fått in inför julen. Gå för allt i världen och ta en titt, det finns till och med en duschtvål som doftar glögg, och en tvål som doftar polkagrisar!