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Months ago when I visited Kiehl’s they gave me a sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I loved the smell, and read so many good things about it that when I was in New York I had to buy it (Kiehl’s products are a lot cheaper over there).

I have been using it now since August and I love it. There is at least 3/4 left in the little bottle. You only need two drops, which is sufficient for the whole face. It’s an oil, but you can use it even though you would have oily or combination skin.The skin absorbs it immediately and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

When I use it during the night in the morning my skin is really nice, has a good and even color and it has a glow to it. The skin looks well rested and healthy, it has never been like this. I can recommend it very much.

Here is what the website says:

The great thing is that there is now a Midnight Recovery Eye!

You can go to Kiehl’s website for reviews!


En av mina absoluta favoritprodukter är Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery, en olja som trots sin konsistens lämnar huden jättemjuk och fin, och på morgonen ser huden utvilad och frisk ut. Jag har aldrig haft bättre hy än jag har nu, och det har jag nog Kiehl’s att tacka för.