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I had Friday off last week, and it was a great day! I woke up and it was sunny:

I put on my most comfortable shoes, because I was going to walk a lot:

After a little walking, a metro ride and a little bit of train too I found myself looking at this:

I was at IKEA of course! We needed an enormously fluffy and warm duvet we can hide in during the winter months. And luckily I found one! I also bought this:

And it made me feel superfinnish because of the beautiful embroidery.

After IKEA I was hungry. No wonder, I was carrying two heavy blue bags with things through half the city. Anyway, when you have a day off and you get hungry you need to eat this, of course:

The rest of the day I spent cleaning and organizing and decorating, and I am very happy with the result.

Saturday was a little slow, until darkness came and we took the metro to go to the Raval. It was time for a tapas festival! 50 bars offered a tapa and a drink for 3 euros, and since my Soul Man too likes food just as much as I do we visited a few bars and restaurants to have a bite. And it was all delicious! First we visited a restaurant on Calle Bonsucces and they were all old-school with hams hanging from the ceiling:

And then it was time for L’Antic Forn where we got a delicious fig and pate tapa and the people working there were so friendly.

Then it was time for Bar Fortuny:

And then something yummy in a restaurant I can’t remember the name of:

And then the night continued and we had lots of fun!


Fredag var en underbar ledig dag och solen sken, så jag tog mina bekvämaste skor och drog till IKEA! Jag behövde ett stort och varmt täcke som jag också hittade, och ett fint påslakan. Fredag var också sushidag! Resten av fredagen gick i städandets och ordnandets tecken, medan lördagen blev mycket lugn. Ända tills vi tog vårt pick och pack och drog till Raval, där det var tapasfestival på gång. Och som vi åt!