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A lovely weekend came and went and it’s Monday, but that’s ok! This is what I’ve been up to:

Friday night we had a date with Ryuichi Sakamoto at Palau de la Musica. Ryuichi Sakamoto is an unbelievably fantastic piano player (makes film music too), and Palau de la Musica is the most impressive concert hall I’ve ever seen. Every time I go there I gasp at the beauty.

We started with a bite to eat a Alsur, a bar conveniently located across the street from Palau.

Here are a couple of pictures from the inside of the Palau. If you have an opportunity, go and visit it!

On Saturday the rain poured down, but that was ok because we found the best paella in Barcelona! How great is that!

We found the restaurant on a tiny little street in Gracia and it’s called Arrosseria Xativa. We had ham and baby squid as starters and then a big paella in Valencia-style, to be eaten with a wooden spoon:

The dessert was pretty good too:

The service was great, the food was not expensive, the place was packed but still intimate enough. People came in all the time but had to be turned down, so book ahead!

Sunday I felt I needed some exercise so I walked around Gracia and Sarría for a couple of hours. In Gracia you see lots of cool street art, here a recently opened something-something:

Most streets in Gracia look like this, narrow with trees and balconies:

Gracia is full of bakeries, and they are all open on Sunday mornings:

I found this gentleman sitting on a bench, he wasn’t very talkative but didn’t mind me taking his picture:

I found an old, abandoned house and thought about how nice it would be if me and my Soul Man would buy it and live there. But it looks a little spooky, too:

A cat was looking at me when I was taking photos, and pretending she was ignoring me:

Gracia is full of these funny narrow buildings, I would love to see what they look like inside:

I continued to the neighbourhood of those more upper class and found them having coffees and a croissants:

I continued my walk and found this flower shop and I felt like I was in Paris:

I found a park and strolled around for a while:

After all of that walking one needs some food. And I made a delicious lemon chicken in the oven, I will give you the recipe in a separate post!


Helgen som gick var lång och på alla sätt himla fin! Den började med en bit mat på Alsur och sedan en konsert med Ryuichi Sakamoto på Palau de la Musica. Palau är värt ett besök, det är det finaste konserthuset jag nånsin sett. Och Ryuichi var alldeles underbar. Den som inte hört om Ryuichi är han en pianist som också gör filmmusik, till exempel till Babel.

På lördag slog vi på stort och åt Barcelonas bästa paella, i bästa valenciansk stil (paellan kommer ursprungligen från Valencia). Den bästa paellan kan man äta i Arrosseria Xativa, en liten undanskymd restaurang men som är ack så populär och dessutom billig, vilket passade oss finfint.

Söndagen tillbringade jag med en lång promenad på ett par timmar, runt i Gracia och de mera “posha” områdena ovanför Diagonal. Jag träffade på en fin fast blyg liten katt, fina hus, trevliga bagerier, proppfyllda terasser, charmiga blomaffärer, en vacker park och efter allt det var jag så hungrig att jag gjorde en smaskig citronkyckling som jag berättar mer om i ett annat inlägg!