It’s freezing here in Barcelona! Too cold for me! it shows 9 degrees at the moment, and in Barcelona that is cold.

The weekend was great! I didn’t take many photos I’m afraid, but you just have to trust me. And WordPress has been really useless lately and I’m struggling with inserting pictures, sorry about that!

On Saturday my darling Soul Man was studying and I was busy buying food and cooking. On Saturday night we attended a lovely Christmas dinner with even lovelier people! We had fondue and it was good, although we had to hurry a little. But the company was great and that is the most important thing!

Sunday was all about birthday celebration. We celebrated my darling Soul Man! His birthday was already a couple of weeks ago, but because he (and we) have been so busy we haven’t had time to celebrate him properly. So family came around and we had cheese and ham and olives and cake and a yummy wine. It was a great day! Oh, and if you are wondering what my Soul Man got for his birthday he got an iPad! Very exciting! I love it, but I’m trying my best to keep my hands off, it’s his present after all. But maybe just a little, sometimes… 🙂

The weekend past by so quickly, I don’t know what happened. But soon it’s Christmas! And I’m really wondering what I will get for Christmas! Not sure if Santa will find his way here. Crossing my fingers..!


Sjutton ocksÄ vad helgen gick snabbt! Men roligt var det kan jag lova.

Lördagen gick i stÀdandets och matlagandets tecken, och pÄ kvÀllen hade vi en liten julfest med kompisarna, vi Ät fondue och det var sÄ himla gott!

Söndagen firade vi Àntligen min Soul Man, han fyllde ju Är hÀr för ett tag sen och vi har inte hunnit fira honom ordentligt. SÄ hela tjocka slÀkten (nÄja, sÄ stor Àr den inte..!) kom till oss och vi Ät ost och skinka och oliver och pate och drack vin och Ät kaka.

Och sÄ har det blivit sÄ kallt hÀr borta! Det tycker jag faktiskt inte Àr sÀrskilt kul. 9 grader visar det nu. Och det för mig Àr himla kallt hÀr, sÀrskilt nÀr man inte har centralvÀrme!

Helgen gick sÄ fort förbi, men snart Àr det ju jul i alla fall. FÄ se om man fÄr nÄgra julklappar alls, just nu tvivlar jag litegrann..! Tomten verkar inte sÄ samarbetsvillig i Är!