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Christmas is over! And we survived! I ate so much, you have no idea. Or maybe you do. Because my Soul Man’s household is probably not the only one where a lot of food is eaten.

On Saturday night, Christmas Eve, we started with sopa de galets (a soup with huge pieces of pasta):

And cheese and ham:

As a main course we had an enormous seafood casserole, which was delicious:

On Christmas day we had something called fricandó, I suppose you could call it a meat casserole perhaps? Unfortunately I haven’t documented that, but I did take pictures of my favourites from yesterday: seafood and cochinillo (baby pig). They were definitely the highlights of Christmas:

And then there was wine and cava and champagne:

And now I only want to eat salads and drink sparkling water, nothing else for weeks please!


Oj vad mycket jag har ätit. Allt möjligt, allt ni ser i bildformat ovan. Det bästa var nog den lilla grisen stekt i ugn och alla skaldjur. Mums!