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People end up on my blog with the strangest search words. But some are not so odd, and rather frequent ones, so I will take the opportunity and comment on them here, all in one handy little post! 🙂

Hakei Shop Online:

– not yet. There will be one this spring.

Uniqlo Barcelona:

– not yet. The latest update was in September last year, stating that Barcelona will be the next city to be conquered after London and Paris.

Restaurant La Pepita:

– lovely cool little restaurant, with a menu that is a little out of the ordinary. Located in Gracia.

Victoria’s Secret in Barcelona:

– no, there is not one, and there won’t be one either, sorry! I would love there to be one though.

Barcelona chuleton:

– To have a crazily delicious chuleton I recommend Restaurant Donosti. It’s so good, and so tender. Chuleton is a huge piece of meat that you usually grill yourself on a hot plate at your table.

Massimo Dutti trench coat:

– Massimo Dutti does great coats and jackets, and have very nice trench coats too. I have one and I adore it.

Kling stores Madrid:

– There are several Kling stores in Madrid, and one in Barcelona too. Here you can find a link with addresses.

Primark in Barcelona:

– There are two different locations: One in the shopping center Diagonal Mar and the other one in the shopping center La Illa.

Dunderdon in Barcelona:

– Dunderdon is a Swedish clothes brand. I have their winter jacket and it’s absolutely fantastic. It keeps me warm and dry and the material is so good that I probably could wear it every day for 10 days without it looking any different. I bought mine in Duke shop on Carrer del Duc. You can also shop them online, they have a sale right now!

Winter sales 2012:

– started 7th of January, if you are lucky you can still find something in the shops, but it’s not very likely I’m afraid..! The next sales are in July.

Russian filet in Barcelona:

– This most likely refers to the restaurant El Filete Ruso on Enrique Granados. If  you haven’t been there yet I suggest you pay them a visit, it’s a little place with a lovely decoration and hamburgers to die for.