Great news, I’m going to Finland next week! I will be in Helsinki for work, from Tuesday to Thursday, in case someone I know is around please let me know!
I don’t have time to go anywhere else unfortunately, I wish I had more days to go and visit friends and relatives. But at least I will travel light so I can fill my suitcase with food, can’t wait! And because it’s cold I can buy stuff that’s supposed to be in the fridge, and take it with me to Barcelona. Let’s see what the weather will be like when I’m there, snowy it seems now…
I was requested to post more photos of Otis, and I do that happily, here he is!

Nästa vecka bär det av till Finland för några dagar! Tyvärr är det bara jobb, tisdag-torsdag I Helsingfors. Så om någon är i knutarna, hör av er!