There is no better way to start the day than going to the tax office. I was 20 minutes early, ready to stand in the queue, but I was told the tax office was closed due to a move. The new location wouldn’t open until next week, so I got a list of other addresses I could go to. I took the metro and had to walk a bit, and arrived just in time to put myself in an endless line of people waiting to get in.
But to my surprise it all went quite fast, and a huge and very surprising bonus was that both ladies I spoke to were very friendly! Something not very likely to happen in a tax office I can tell you. Now back to work, have a lovely Friday!

Godmorgon! Idag har jag haft glädjen att få besöka Skatteverket, två stycken till och med! Men till min stora förvåning fick jag väldigt bra betjäning och mitt ärende uträttat, nu tillbaka till jobbet. Ha en underbar fredag! /em>