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A little blog break happened! I do apologize. Sometimes that is what’s needed though, in order to have some new energy and inspiration.

A lot of things has happened during these couple of months. Obviously I have spent a lot of time playing with the Otis-monster:

I had sushi (many times), the picture below is taken in Cuines de Santa Caterina:

I had an anniversary dinner with my darling Soul Man in the fantasticly delicious Specchio Magico, an Italian restaurant in Gracia:

I had some ice-cream too, and not only one scoop but four (this time in Haägen Dazs):

I went to a hairdresser to have my hair done for a wedding and it was an awful experience. If someone knows a lovely and tender hairdresser who’s not mean or pulls ones hair until you have tears in your eyes please let me know. I was happy with the result though:

The wedding took place in Montserrat and it was beautiful. So was the scenery:

It was my first Spanish wedding and I had so much fun. It was loud and food filled and we danced for hours.

Then I played some more with Otis:

And then came Sonar. We went Saturday day and night, and had so much fun and danced so much that I could barely walk the next day. My favourites were Keys N Krates.

Then I had to go to Scotland for work for a couple of days. It was cold but the sun was shining and Scotland was lush and green. On my way back I slept one night at a Heathrow airport hotel, and was lucky and got an enormous room because they were fully booked. The room was twice the size of our apartment here in Barcelona!

I had to get up at 4 in the morning unfortunately, so I didn’t have much time to enjoy the room, but I bought some scones and some tea to make the most of my night:

One Saturday afternoon we found our way to a Catalan wine tasting outside mercat de Santa Caterina. We enjoyed it a lot, and when we were done I found a little shop behind the market where they sold gorgeous jewellery. I bought myself a lovely ring:

And that was everything that’s happened in a little nutshell!


Jag ber om ursäkt för den lilla bloggpausen, ibland behövs den för att få lite inspiration!