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Ohhhh yes I do! The summer’s just started! Here in Spain they say that summer starts after Sant Joan, and for the first time this year I feel that I’d love to go to the beach:

We usually go to my Soul Man’s parents summer place, but this weekend we might just go and find ourselves a nice and quiet beach somewhere up north. We’ll see.

And on Sunday is the big day! The SALES start! This time I can only spend little or nothing, because of our upcoming vacation, but I will gladly join my Soul Man in his search for something nice. I want to visit Hakei, Massimo Dutti, Dolores Promesas, Kling and a little shop in Gracia that I can’t remember the name of. I LOVE sales shopping with my Soul Man, he has excellent taste and a lot of patience.

July we will spend on terraces in Gracia:

Some rooftop terraces with swimming pools:

We’ll play with little Otis (not so little anymore):

Wel try to stay cool, not easy when it’s over 30 degrees outside but today finally we got our air con fixed! No more sleepless nights due to temperature or mosquitoes.

In the middle of July I will go for a week to Germany for work, my hotel will be in the middle of the nature somewhere in Bavaria. I’ve never been there before, so that shall be interesting.

And that is what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks!


Nu känns det äntligen att sommaren har kommit! Mina planer för några veckor framåt är att tillbringa tiden med min Soul Man på Gracias många terasser, försöka uthärda hettan (nu har vi dock äntligen fått luftkonditioneringen att funka, härligt!), leka med kissemissen, åka till stranden, shoppa litegrann på sommarrean som börjar på söndag och om ett par veckor bär det av till Bayern i Tyskland å jobbets vägnar. Har aldrig varit däromkring, så det ska bli intressant!