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What a wonderful weekend it was! Too bad it passed by so fast.

On Saturday morning we took our beach things and headed up north. We ended up in beautiful Sant Pol de Mar, and this is what we saw:

Just what we needed, in other words. The scenery was beautiful:

We got a very good suggestion beforehand for a place to have lunch, and Oh my Goodness I say. The place itself was lovely, with a terrace covered with trees, leaves and grapevines:

And the food… Where do I start? The best “patatas al caliu” ever, fantastic ham and meat on the grill…

It was a perfect day!

On Sunday we got up early to go shopping, the sales started. I bought a couple of nice things, but the rain spoiled it all so we went home early. It rained all afternoon, so we had a little siesta. Mine was actually three hours. I am a little ashamed.

At night it was football time! As you probably know the result was very satisfying for Spain..! =)


Vilken underbar helg det var! Lördagen tillbringade vi i Sant Pol de Mar, vi badade och lunchade och badade lite till. Söndagen var tänkt för shopping, tyvärr satte regnet krokben för dom planerna. Däremot missade vi inte fotbollsfinalen, det gick ju ganska bra för Spanien..! 🙂