The weather here is changing about five times a day. But in general we started off nicely, Sunday and Monday were nice and warm and I even got a little sunburnt! We went to the beach on Monday evening, it was beautiful!


People were actually swimming there! And it was about 21 degrees. We sat down at a terrace with a gorgeous view:


One night we went to have the famous Kebab at the famous Korv-Göran 🙂 :

I hadn’t had it for perhaps ten years or so, and it was gooood..!
Last night we had a storm, and I woke up about 100 times thinking the roof would come down or that a tree would fall on us. But we survived and the view was like this in the morning:

But now the sun is shining again!
Now we just have tomorrow left here in the middle of peace and tranquility, and early Friday morning we are catching a tiny little propeller plane to go to Helsinki. Will be back then! 🙂