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I’m doing a wrap up of the top moments of each of our holiday destinations, we’ll start with Finland. The best was obviously seeing friends and relatives. Here is the cutest one, we had so much fun. She is reading a book, hence the serious face:


The week up in the north was calm with lots of nature. Here are a couple of pics taken by my Soul Man:



It was quite cold most of the time, but we took the opportunity to go to the beach (Fäboda). Here I am, making sure everything is as it should be:


Obviously we saw some cows too, that goes without saying:


We took the plane to Helsinki where we spent the weekend. We went to the best festival ever, Flow Festival. I was there with a chair in my arms:


We did a little bit of shopping, and finally my Soul Man could get his hands dirty looking for treasures in the record shops. I bought a leather bag which I didn’t let go of for the rest of our trip:


Oh, I forgot to mention an important thing about Finland. I got to cuddle with this little cutie (her name is Elsa and she is a darling):


And that was Finland in a nutshell!