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When you are in Berlin you obviously have to go clubbing. And when you are in a city where you can find a club that has been voted as the best club in the world then there is no question, right?
Berghain/Panorama Bar is located in a former power plant, and it looks equally inviting:

The place is legendary. When we were in Berlin a couple of years ago we went there too, but didn’t quite realise what we were in for. This time we were more prepared. The place is infamous for its queues and its door policy. It is very, very, very difficult to get in and the door policy is not quite clear to anyone. Forget about high heels, sexy dresses or shirts and nice shoes. That will not get you in. Flirting with the bouncer won’t do it. The guys at the door are very intimidating and have been named by The Guardian to be the scariest bouncers in the world.
You can read suggestions on what you can do to get in on various pages on the Internet. The main points are usually to go in pairs, not to be drunk, not to be loud (in the last 50 metres of the queue it’s dead silent) and dress appropriately (what that is is up to you…But dressing down is the key.)
Not even half of the people in the queue get in. If they wave you in just say Danke Schön and thank your lucky stars. You will be searched at the entrance and you will have to leave your camera at the door. You are not allowed to take any pictures inside. You won’t find any mirrors or clocks anywhere, and the bathrooms are unisex. The decor is minimalist and industrial, and so is the music. I am not a huge techno fan, but the music there is spellbinding.

Berghain/Panorama Bar is an amazing, unforgettable experience. You go in and you enter a different world. When you leave your are haunted by the experience for days…