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I usually get up at 6.30 in the morning. Little Otis makes sure that I start the waking up process in time, so at 6 AM he jumps on the bed and starts purring. And can he purr… I have never heard a cat purr as loud as he does. Strategically he lies down on my pillow to make sure I really hear his purring. He changes position several times and accidentally throws his tail in my face so my mouth is full of cat hair. If I don’t react he might pull my hair a little. If that doesn’t work either, he puts his paw in my eye and on my mouth. If still no reaction he gets up and throws himself on top of me. He lies there for a while and continues purring like he has swollen some kind of power tool. After this kind of torture I feel I have to get up, there is no remedy…

Happy Monday to you all!